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Vertigo Effect

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The Vertigo Effect

The Vertigo Effect was pioneered by Alfred Hitchcock in his movie, "Vertigo". It consists of a stationary object being filmed so as to appear as if the space around the object is moving, when it is not. It is a difficult shot that requires only a camera to achieve the effect. This effect is also known as the Jaws Shot, because of its famous use in the movie Jaws, and the Dolly Zoom.


The mechanism that creates this effect is the distortion of the background in direct comparison to the foreground image, the objects that remain stationary in the scene. The background can either be blown up or appear to become smaller, compared to the foreground image that remains the same size throughout the scene. This effect is very dramatic because of how our visual system works. Because the foreground image is static and the background image appears to be either coming closer or moving away, this effect creates a very dramatic and profound effect on the viewer. Normal human vision relies on visual cues to create a perspective for the image being shown. This effect throws all of our perspective cues out the window, leaving an incredible effect and hopefully a great shot. This site at maxoncomputer.com has more information on the Dolly Zoom, if you are interested.

Here we have amateur footage of an attempt at the Vertigo effect. This video was submitted by the user generiok on Youtube.com


This is a compliation of various Vertigo shots in a few different movies. This video contains the famous Jaws shot as well. This video was submitted by joeny4523 on YouTube.com.

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