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Family Beyond the Family


Our second Discourse page was the Family Discourse exercise. We were to examine our close family and their influences upon us. In my Discourse I focused on a series of memories from my childhood and how they affected me. I looked at my relationship with my father, the patriarch of our family. Our relationship had always been rocky, but for just a few special moments we were able to put aside our disputes and spend quality time with each other. In the summer of 2005 we took a trip together to Moab, Utah after my graduation. We drove from Houston up to Moab in our truck with my dirt bike in tow. Upon arrival after a two day drive we spent a week of riding through the deserts and mountains together (my dad rented a bike up there). I bonded with my father more in that week than I had in my whole life. If for only one week, we were able to put aside our differences and enjoy a once in a lifetime trip.




Because of this trip I learned that throughout all the confrontations and arguments I was still able to find a connection with my dad and got to know a little bit more about him. He's family and that will never change. You can choose your friends, but you will always be stuck with your family for better or worse. I don't resent my father for our rough past. Quite the contrary. I respect him too much. Besides, in all likeliness I was in the wrong most of the time any ways.


My family has always been there for me in my times of need. They were there when I hurt myself (which was frequent) and when I needed guidance. My friends have also lent helping hands at the times I needed them the most. My friends have always been an important part of my life, but I wasn't aware of how important they're presence was until just recently.



Moving to college was a huge change for me. I left everything I had ever known and moved four hours away to a small dorm room at a large university. I graduated high school with 600 other people. I knew almost every one in my grade. It was such a culture shock to find myself at a school boasting more than 20,000 students. Walking around campus and not seeing one recognizable face was heart-breaking. This new experience was incredibly lonely and saddening as much as my new-found freedom was liberating. Fortunately, two of my really good friends from my high school were accepted to the same school. We all lived far apart, but we regularly met to play catch or get something to eat. Without those two, my first year of college would have been excruciating. Having their support was essential to my survival now that we were all living by ourselves.


Moving to a different town meant meeting new people from all across the nation with different perspectives. I was brought up to respect other's opinions and would be put to the test in this new city. I loved meeting new people and talking with them. I met as many people as I could that first year, and some of them continue to be friends to this day.




One of our favorite pass times is to watch movies. Most of my friends are movie buffs as well. I have always loved movies, but my parents were always curious what I saw in them. They were hesitant to let me see graphic films when I was a kid because they felt I would get the wrong impression. I was never able to understand why they did this. They always told me that I would never understand until I had children of my own. I'm afraid they may be right.


The emblem for my Family Discourse is, well, my Family. Not just my true family members, but all of the people that make up my Extended Family. This Family extends to my closest friends, my distant family, my pets, acquaintances and much more. They have all had a huge influence on me and have shaped my character and personality over the years.

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